Your chimney’s crown plays a critical safety role


Sitting regally at the top of your chimney is what is known as the chimney crown. The crown consist of a special buildup of thick mortar or cement formed in place on top of the chimney. The chimney crowns seals against water penetration and serves to both anchor and unite the last row of bricks ( or stone, etc.) at the top of the chimney.
The critical area is most vulnerable to the elements. Rain and snow are very hard on chimney crowns. Especially if they are not constructed properly. For a Mason who doesn’t care much about his work, by the end of the job, it’s easier to take some short cuts. Unfortunately, we often see crowns made of left over mortar with too much sand. That disappointing combination makes them weak and susceptible to cracks.
When a chimney crown is cracked, it can allow water from rain or snow to penetrate the chimney interior and do major damage. If the water freezes, it can seriously crack the chimney and jeopardise its integrity. At that point, using the chimney can put you in danger.
The good news is there is a quick and economical solution for cracked and deteriorating chimney crowns. We have access to specialty mortars designed to withstand the rigors of that vulnerable location. We can expertly repair or rebuild your chimney’s crown. The new crown can be in place in a relatively short amount of time and provide years of guaranteed, trouble- free service.
Whether the crown requires a simple repair, or needs to be entirely replaced, we have the experience and materials to do the job right. The new or repaired chimney crown is weather tight, and even backed by a ten year factory warranty. Call us for details! Ensuring that your crown is ‘fit for a king’ will add more than just good looks to your chimney.

Prevent water damage to your masonry chimney

Cracking and flaking away of the brick surface

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