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Consultation and Evaluation

We provide a multi-point inspection specific to each customer’s chimney system. We ensure that the chimney system meets current safety standards and provide effective solutions when smoke problems exist inside the home.

Strong musty and foul odors are usually indicative of a dirty and/or damp chimney. We clean the chimney flue from the outside down and/or inside up. Check our blog for more information.

All of our liners are insulated stainless steel and come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. The best in the industry. Check our blog for more information.


From minor point-up and spalled bricks to replacement of dampers and caps, we provide many different repair service solutions. Check our blog for more information.


Water penetration is the Number 1 cause of deterioration and damage to chimneys. Waterproofing protects the chimney from water damage & deterioration. The chimney is constantly exposed to rain, wind, sleet, snow. Waterproofing is vital in preventing more expensive masonry damage and repairs. For more information, refer to our blog.


For over 40 years the DMV area has trusted us to keep its chimneys and fireplaces structurally sound and free of fire hazards. Check our blog for Level I, II, and III Inspections.


Different colors and sizes of gutters can make a difference while framing your home.


Humane animal removal of birds, raccoons, squirrels and other pests which may enter an uncapped chimney flue.


Chimney Chase Covers must be replaced once signs of rust and deterioration form on and around the chase cover


We remove lint build-up and blockages which enables the dryer to vent properly and efficiently. Lint build-up causes the motor of the dryer to take excessive amount of time to dry clothes in turn “burning out” the motor. Dryer vents for a family of four should be cleaned every six months.


Chimney Top-mounted Dampers

Installation of differing types of rooftop dampers which actually sits at the top of the chimney. The advantage of a top-mounted damper over the old throat-mounted dampers is its efficiency and ease of use. Check the blog for more details.


Every chimney needs a cap!

Chimney caps are strongly recommended and encouraged. They protect the chimney flue from critters which is the most humane to protect wild animals. They protect the chimney flue from damage caused by mother nature (snow, sleet, rain). Check the bog for more details.


Dryer Vent Cleaning, Rerouting and No Pest Vent Covers


Flashing Installation and Repair

Roofing Photo

Roofing Installation & Repairs


Masonry Repairs, Tuckpointing and Chimney Crowns

Common types of masonry repairs are grinding out and tuckpointing mortar joints. Punching out and replacing or refacing spalling bricks and rebuilding or repairing the crown of the chimney. Keeping the chimney crown in good repair avoids high repair costs and is the first line of defense for the overall masonry. Check the blog for more details.


Gas, Oil, & Wood-burning Furnace and Hot Water Heater Flue Liners

We ensure your heating appliance is working as efficiently as possible. Due to today’s higher efficiency appliances (as well as older appliances in a terra cotta-lined chimney flue), we evaluate the chimney/heating appliance relationship to ensure proper venting of all exhausts. We will recommend and install properly-sized furnace and hot water heater liners.

A Chimney Expert

Pizza Oven Cleaning

Our professional pizza oven cleaning service offers a thorough and efficient cleaning solution for your oven. Our trained technicians will remove debris and wipe down the exterior.  With our expertise, you can enjoy a clean and well-maintained pizza oven, providing you with delicious pizzas every time. Trust us for a hassle-free and exceptional cleaning service for your pizza oven.

A Chimney Expert

Coffee Roaster Chimney Stacks

Experience top-notch coffee roaster Chimney stack cleaning. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle the unique requirements of coffee roaster Chimney stacks, ensuring thorough cleaning and removal of built-up residue.

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Our Core Services


We provide every client with a customized solution. We want to achieve the highest possible standard in everything we do.


We ensure that each job is clearly defined and communicated to the rest of our staff.


We use state-of-the-art technology to improve overall service delivery.


We are dedicated to creating clean, safe and healthy environments for both commercial and residential spaces.

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