Now is the time

Any needed repairs are more easily accomplished this time of the year than in the fall. In fact, with the return of cold weather, Anna’s busy fall schedule, we often simply can’t schedule any repairs until the following spring. And, that means taking the chimney out of Commission just when it is needed the most! Finding and completing any needed repairs now ensures that you will have seamless operation when you need your chimney the most. The Peace of Mind that comes from knowing that your chimney maintenance is taken care of ahead of time is invaluable. When the first foul weather figures fall in the forecast, you’ll be ready for many relaxing evenings by the fire. Call us today to schedule a convenient appointment, or to confirm an existing one. We are professionally trained to remove dangerous creosote, and to inspect and evaluate the safety of your installation. We will inform you of anything we find that violates safe operational practises. Don’t take a chance with your family safety – It just isn’t worth it!

Chimney relining adds years to the life of your chimney

Chimney relining is a method of repairing chimney damage or upgrading poorly constructed and unsafe chimneys without having to tear them down and rebuild them from the ground up. Since the majority of chimney damage involves cracked interior tiles, sometimes it is easiest and most cost effective to remove and replace the damaged tiles. On the other hand, that can be a major task since it is difficult to work deep inside the chimney. In those cases, the best solution (and often a less expensive one) involves inserting a new aluminium or stainless steel liner or forming a new masonry flue in the chimney interior. Creating a new flue has several advantages: (1) The chimney is returned to service in the shortest amount of time. (2) The materials are usually under warranty from The manufacturer for a number of years. And (3) Typically the materials meet or exceed UL safety standards for use in chimney relining.

Problems unique to oil and gas chimneys

Today’s high efficiency gas furnaces are very hard on masonry chimneys – especially older, unlined ones. They burn so efficiently the exhaust gases quickly cool inside the chimney and condense into moisture. acids that naturally occur in the exhaust create a highly corrosive liquid that eats away at the chimney. This harsh environment can lead to severe decay and eventually to structural failure in a matter of months or a few short years. The inside of the chimney literally crumbles off, collects at the base and restricts the draft. Have you recently changed from oil to gas? If so, your chimney could be suffering serious deterioration. If the chimney is restricted, carbon monoxide gas can escape into the house causing headaches, illness or even death. If you have concerns about your chimney, call us for a no-obligation evaluation. We’ll discuss the best options and advise you accordingly.

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